Franklin Theatre


Franklin Theatre - Franklin, TN


Westlake, Reed and Leskosky - Theatre Consultants
Clair Brothers - Product Manufacturer

Client's Goals

To outfit the venue to accommodate live music shows and be a fully-capable cinema.

Project Details

This is a 300-seat theatre with a small stage; space was at a premium, so we made several custom solutions to maximize the every inch. We worked with JR Clancey to provide a line shaft to move the cinema speaker system in and out, so the cinema speakers would not have to be stored. This saved space and labor when switching the house from Live Mode to Cinema mode. We developed a stair plug that made a stairwell into a monitor mix position. We also designed the A/V input panels to be located under the stage, accessible via removable hatches.

The Clair Solutions Difference

We looked for the right solutions, not just the expedient ones. And, we brought our production experience to the client to make the venue work for visiting artists.